Water Projects: What your money buys Below are some examples of what your money could buy. £180 could pay for a Hand Pump in Pakistan for households and local schools […]

Disability & Blindness

Projects Scholarships for Poor Students Provide books, resources and equipment for people, adults and children, with disabilities or visual impairment (blindness) Establish Training & Education facilities Raise awareness & understanding […]


About Us Isaar Trust is an international charity working selflessly (hence the name ‘Isaar’) to help humanity deal with its numerous poverty related problems, issues and concerns. In the absence […]


Collaboration Collaboration, partnership development and cooperation is a core outlook of charitable organisations by nature as well as pro-actively promoted and encouraged by divine and humane ordinance.   As part […]


Projects underway include :-   Scholarship of Poor, Bright Students To provide access for poor families we provide financial and in-kind assistance to students, to produce skilled, well-trained and qualified […]


Business Loans – Qarde Hasana Primarily, Isaar Trust is dependent on donors to meet its financial obligations.   VISION  A poverty free society built on the principles of compassion and […]