School Visits – Sponsored Children in Pakistan

Sponsored Children In Azad Kashmir

Africa: Orphanage in Somalia

Educating The Poor & Helping Orphans

Visit to School for Deaf Children

Visit to School for Blind Children

Education Tuition Centre for Poor Children – Kachi Basti Asia

Isaar Trust: Vocational Training Centre for Poor Women – Kachi Basti Asia

Self-Sufficieny Project – Sewing Machines for Widows Support

Palestine : Educating The Orphans & Poor

Uniforms for the Poor

New School For Blind Children – Construction Phase

Visit to Special School for Disabled, Deaf & Blind Children

Palestine – Helping Poor Families

Pakistan Floods – Food Pack Distribution

Water Bore Project in Poor Community

Prayer Mats for Poor Communities & Masjids

Water Projects – Sponsored Skydive for the Poor

School Visits – Sponsored Children in Pakistan

Ramadhan Food Project

Food Container To Somalia

Water Projects Asia

Africa Qurbani

Syria – Food Distribution Packages

Pak Sindh Floods – Humanitarian Aid

Water Hand Pumps Asia

Marriage Support for Poor Families

Eid Gifts for Poor Children

Food Distribution – Fidya, Fitrana

Water Bore Projects KPK Asia

Palestine Aid Convoy : Emergency Medical

Fan Distribution for the Poor – Asia

Cash for Widows in Charsadda – Asia

Syria Humanatarian Aid – Helping Poor Families

Pakistan Floods – Food Packing

Blankets for the Poor

Water Well Project

Water Hand-Pump Project – Charsada Pakistan